Importing Text From Other Sources

You can import any text you have on your computer into ParaMind by copying it in a Windows compatible format and using "Copy-Paste." You select the text in your word processor and then select "Copy." Do an "alt-tab," or your favorite way to multi-task, to go over to ParaMind and select "Paste" from the Edit menu. With Substitute Highlighted Word, each word in your sentence can be analyzed to see if it is in any category. If it is not, then you will not see any new screens. But if it is found, the Word Categories screen will come up which will show you which categories contain your word, and if you click on that category, or any one of the categories, you will be shown the contents in the right column called "Word to Substitute." This feature is like Replace by Category that works with Small Merge and works great with large Word Category libraries.

If you like this feature and find that you would like to use it often, you may consider putting all your Word Categories in one directory for times when you want to use this feature. Then when you want to use it you can point the "Directory Type" to that directory, and you will then have access to many new possibilities. Like other processes that require long searches, such as spell checking, or database indexing, ParaMind may take several seconds on slower machines to load and check the indexes for your words.

You can use "Find Word to Substitute" on any text that can be imported into ParaMind, thus you can use ParaMind to brainstorm on any pre-existing text. You can also do a new Merge or Large Merge on imported text.

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