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ParaMind and the Internet

ParaMind Brainstorming Software has announced a project for the Internet: a site for unique and useful computer-generated writing. Using a theory known as meaningful word interaction exhaustion, or, the purposeful exhaustion of the interaction of words, ParaMind users worldwide can donate new idea-lists to this site and browse what others have done.

The theory of meaningful word-interaction exhaustion states that progress does not have to be held in check by the speed of thinking of humanity, but by re-thinking the discovery process we can come up with many more ideas. By attempting the exhaustion of the meaningful interactions of words, we may be able to find out all kinds of new directions, and discover answers to problems that have been plaguing us for years.

Our dictionary contains all the words that the books of our library contains. Our libraries are merely the intelligent interactions of the words of our dictionary in logically meaningful ways. If we were to exhaust the logical meaningful interactions of our words, we would come up with new discoveries that we are bound to stumble upon in the future by pre-existing means.

Since we are not trained to treat ideas as a plastic medium, we can only come across new ideas by trial and effort, and by mental associations created by our physical brains.

We must have an unbiased look at the toolbox of language for being the seeds of all possible knowledge available. We can't put restrictions on the amorphous form of the new by our learned language patterns. The logical quantum-leap in thought is the idea that ideas can be treated as a plastic medium and only by examining huge quantities of idea-lists will we grow faster than how our minds currently experience breakthroughs. There must be some rules and these rules are provided by the context sensitive copy-merge technique and word-category parsing (both found in the ParaMind Brainstorming program).

It is this program that can radically alter the speed in which we arrive at better solutions in medical research, ecological solutions for manufacturing science, even social mediation. In fact, the cognitive expansion of whatever problem ails us can be helped by this technique.

The process of meaningful word-interaction exhaustion develops a change in the perceptions of potential reality, the value of how things could be compared to how things are. We need to see how the future could be, the best possible scenarios.

The ParaMind Brainstorming program is a tool for seeing potential reality. The new science of meaningful word-interaction exhaustion is a description of all that could be, because it is an unbiased use of pure language. It is a use of language outside the mind of man. It is Artificial Intelligence planned out by both man and computer.

Never before has there been a means of hooking up together people who have the insight to achieve what we before have thought to be the impossible. This idea can get so advanced that there must be a networking of those who can use it and discuss it with others. The Internet offers complete indexing facilities so that other uses of ParaMind can look at the work done by ParaMind users around the world.

This Internet site must contain a database of ideas that are new, useful and unique, ideas which are not quite incorporated into our present world. Science fiction novels are a great area for such ideas. Any other area producing such ideas are welcome. Idea-lists from this "new, useful and unique" idea database would produce valuable library findings. Imagine thousands of variations of the most exciting science-fiction ideas, ideas which have only been touched upon in a few sentences by science-fiction authors.

To accept meaningful word-interaction exhaustion does not necessarily mean people who use this technique actually believe that they will exhaust the meaningful interactions of all words. One uses it as an expository technique of any given area. Meaningful word-interaction exploration is a research technique based on this theory.

We can get at a framework for the meaningful exhaustion of the interaction of words. If we draw out the basic linguistic truth that ideas can be broken down into words, and the different interactions of words equalling different ideas, we must admit that by an exhaustion of the interaction of words, we will be able to discover many ideas available to us. This is the premise of the meaningful exhaustion (or purposeful exhaustion) of the interaction of words. All humanitarian research in medicine, social theory, politics, and mediation can be helped by this technique because it helps people think in a truly unbiased way with the criteria they need and want to use. We use our minds to associate a few ideas here and there, and our mind catalogues the information that we have learned. But there are things that our mind has not learned, there are things that it has forgotten, and there are possibilities in which it is unable to see connections and new directions.

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