ParaMind Theory

Paramind is the first of the "generative" brainstorming programs written for the computer. By "generative" it is meant a program that produces new ideas from your idea.

ParaMind is the result of investigation into how to create ideas by computer-human interaction. The first problem encountered was to get the computer to understand the complexity of word relationships. Failure in this area produces output that isn't grammatically correct, and if it is, the words are not in relationship in meaning with each other, so they don't make sense anyway. With ParaMind, the user's work is always in context, and can be easily made grammatically correct when it is not. The Word Category database organizes word groups in both grammatical and semantic (word- meaning) organization. All the Word Categories in ParaMind are reusable, so you don't have to type in new categories each time you use ParaMind.

Building The Idea-Sentence
Customizing ParaMind
The Merge Concept
A Creativity Tool
Scientific Inquiry

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