Doing A Merge

The first thing that ParaMind can do for you is to multiply your ideas. It is like a spreadsheet of ideas. It does this mainly by its "Merge" and "Large Merge" features located in the "Create" menu. An important part of this process is the Find Word to Substitute Feature, which can suggest important "Word Categories" for you to merge with. To merge something means to combine something with something else. You are not just combining your sentence that you put into ParaMind with another sentence, but you are quickly copying the sentence and combining it with a list of words that you see as being part of the direction you want your idea to go in.

To do this you first type or paste a sentence into the ParaMind screen or "editor." The editor works like a simple word processor. You have an idea, any idea, and that idea can be first stated by a few simple words.

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