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ParaMind Brainstorming Software's Links for Eco-psychology

NEW!: See our link here for new writings on New Economy from Nineteen New Educational Principles.

A short note from owner of ParaMind Brainstorming Software:

I believe in eco-psychology, which states by getting closer to nature and animals we become more whole, and I think this is one thing that can help stop global warming and help people tremendously, such as get some people off psychiatric medication, which can be dangerous if the wrong people become dependent on it. When people take interest in sustainable energy technology and the environment, they may be surprised how well they are rewarded. Those of us who have pets already experience this first hand. Imagine that force multiplied when you start caring about all the animals of the planet.

International Community for Ecopsychology
Jungian Ecopsychology
Ecopsychology: Connecting Mental Health and Environmental Behavior
An Ecopsychology article at a general psychology website.
RADICAL ECOPSYCHOLOGY -- Psychology in the Service of Life
Ecopsychology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cultural Ecopsychology: Issues of Displacement and the Urban African Community
Ecopsychology at EcoSpirit website.
Hands-On Ecopsychology Distance Learning Books, Activities and more
Ecopsychology On-Line archives

About ParaMind Brainstorming Software

Everyone knows that brainstorming is a big buzz word today, and for good reason. Without fresh ideas, problem solving gets harder and harder.

ParaMind Brainstorming Software offers you a quick way to develop ideas much like a person with a VERY high IQ develops ideas. ParaMind creates in seconds thousands of idea combinations that are directly related to the idea that you type on to its screen.

ParaMind was built on the new idea of brainstorming by getting every idea that can be expressed in language by "meaningfully exhausting the interactions of words" in any given subject area.

Great for name branding/naming new business concepts!

From Inc. Magazine "ParaMind Brainstorming Program. A great way to brainstorm ideas on almost any topic."

ParaMind Brainstorming Software offers you a quick way to develop ideas without much effort. ParaMind creates in seconds thousands of idea combinations that are directly related to the idea that you type on to its screen.

"This is a MAJOR piece of software!" Mick D'Aquin-Burglass, MD, MPH, MDiv, ThD, MS, MEE, CAS, CMRO, FAAFP, FASAM Harvard Medical School

It's no gimmick: we've been in business selling our software for twelve years and magazines such as Inc. give us good reviews. We have also sold our software on American Online and have had our listing in Yahoo since 1995.

From Ziff Davis (Publisher of the largest computer magazines): "Paramind Brainstorming Program: Just the thing for the sole proprietor, this program is an idea multiplier. You enter them and the program replaces words or fills in ideas to help you expand your horizons."

You can even purchase by Paypal! Visit us on the web on by clicking on the links to your left or at bottom.

ParaMind's Links for Sustainable Energy
ParaMind's Links for Biodiesel and the Biodiesel Economy
ParaMind's Links for Hydrogen Energy and the Hydrogen Economy
ParaMind's Links for Eco-psychology
ParaMind's Links for Charity Watchdog Organizations
ParaMind Linguistics Links -- Good links to language and linguistics websites.
ParaMind Legal Links -- Good links to law websites.
ParaMind's link site for Artificial Intelligence

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