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ParaMind Brainstorming Software for Education -- For Students of English as a Second Language

ParaMind Brainstorming Software is a software product that can help non-English native speakers learn advanced English skills quickly. It does this by putting similar English words together into categories, and then puts them into the user's sentence. The user can then import these into a program like Microsoft word to get advice on the correctness of their grammar.

ParaMind Brainstorming Software helps English as a second language speakers (ESL) understand a larger part of the English vocabulary. It does this by separating words that are similar into Word Categories. Looking through these Word Categories can help give retention of vocabulary by associating words together. Using ParaMind can help the ESL student learn the difference between the English language parts of speech such as adjectives, nouns, verbs, past-tense verbs, adverbs and others. The ParaMind Word Categories are all organized in groups of nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, and so on. The ESL student will see these groupings of words together under their part of speech, and understand while creating fun and sometimes hilarious brainstorming results.

ParaMind is built on solid language theory. No other brainstorming, idea creation, flow chart, or "mind" type program is based on better language science. Using ParaMind in the classroom can teach young students about grammar concepts while helping them develop their own ideas.

The ParaMind program "brainstorms" with these related word groups by inserting them into your sentence. The user picks from a list of up to over eleven-hundred related word groups called "Word Categories." ParaMind can also pick them automatically for one. When the ParaMind user is done picking the Word Categories, the program automatically interchanges these words into the user's own sentence. The program replaces and merges them for up to hundred of pages of new ideas that are all related to the English language learner's original sentence.

Learners of English as a second language will see their sentence expanded with adverbs or adjectives, nouns, prepositions or conjunctions. They will have first hand experience in using new words into their sentence, and be more motivated to learn English vocabulary. They will clearly see exactly what an adjective or adverb is when they use it. For instance, if they pick an adjective category to replace a noun in their sentence, they will see how this does not sound right. Other grammar lessons can be taught by examining ParaMind outputs.

Click here to read more about using ParaMind for all students.

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