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Recommended Traffic Exchanges -- The Best Free Traffic Exchanges -- Over Eighty Working Free Exchanges

NEW!: See our link here for the essay New Economy from Nineteen New Educational Principles.

Please try to read over this entire message for important facts about traffic exchanges. Traffic exchanges are business-to-business opt-in "clubs" where you look at members web pages and they look at yours. If you have DSL, Cable, or any other type of high speed connection and don't have a lot of money for advertising, traffic exchanges might be good. Sadly, there were never many cross-platform traffic exchange enthusiasts, and now they are often used to sell MLM, or other traffic exchanges, or just outright fraud (which many say MLM is).

We do not recommend anyone using traffic exchanges without a good antivirus program and skill in getting rid of spyware. You absolutely need to use a spyware/adware checker as well as a virus checker when you use these accounts. The only anti-spyware program that we've used with consistant success is the freeware program Spybot Search and Destroy. We are not saying they are all bad, but all the other checkers we've tested are inferior. Many of the others are actually themselves spyware. Good freeware virus checkers are Avast and AVG. They are completely free and update themselves automatically. Several trojans have been spotted on several of these sites, and while these sites can be a great way to market and communicate your ideas to the world, like anywhere else, there are unscrupulous characters who spread these kinds of problems. You must be especially careful on auto traffic exchanges for malware/spyware/trojans.

Most traffic exchanges will give you free hits for signing up, sometimes 500, 1,000, 5,000, or even 10,000 or more free hits to your website. The ones that promise more often don't work. Manual traffic exchanges do not give away as many free hits as the automatic ones. Many exchanges give you a daily bonus in free hits just for signing in. This list here is very important because you will find many large lists of traffic exchanges on the Internet which contain many exchanges that no longer work. This list is dated and all the lists on this site work (except in the ones that we are currently about to phase out at the very bottom of the page).

There are two types of traffic exchange pages: those that allow you to automatically have the pages change in the web browser (called "autosurf") and those that require you to click on a top banner-like control to change pages (these are called "manual"). Obviously, to prevent repetitive stress injury, you might want a mix of both. If you have a web host that charges you for bandwidth, you might join these autosurf sites in increments to see just how much you might be charged month-to-month.

Leads, Leads, Leads!

Our philosophy with traffic exchanges is the same as with our approved safelists -- if we found the system could not set us up or log us in properly, after three tries we dropped the service. It's faster to sign up to new services by cutting and pasting your information from a text file that you multitask with than it is wondering if these sites really work or not. After signing up with over a hundred of these kinds of sites, we have seen all kinds of bad behavior on parts of owners. We are putting the ones here that have not done any of that. You also don't want to have too many of the autosurf ones going to your web page if the web server your web host uses can't handle the traffic. This would mean that your pages would load slow for hits by customers who might be coming to your site from a search engine or other market segment targeted methods. From what we've seen, traffic exchanges are the free Internet marketing resource where one has to be especially careful one doesn't waste time on a bad site. We have had to stop using about many sites.

Many of the pages you will see on traffic exchanges are actually scams. Sadly, there are about an equal amount of original products, artist's pages, personal pages, and the like to the same amount of scams or just advertising other traffic exchanges. This could be changed if more people were bringing in new people to these ways of marketing, but unless the amount of people doubles who do traffic exchanges and safelists, it will continue to be this way. However, by reading many of the things you'll see in these pages or emails, you eventually begin to educate yourself about the latest in Internet marketing. Therefore, traffic exchanges and safelists are a type of educational system for online business. They are also a relatively stress-free way of marketing.

Many traffic exchange programs will give you free hits when you sign up but usually those will not be given until you surf a certain amount of pages, which should be a small number, like 25 or at the most 50. Even if the exchange does not state this, if you don't surf and return to the site in two weeks or so you will see you will still have a large amount of free hit credits left. Surf and those should be used for your site. You also usually have to "allocate" credits from your hit "bank" to your web page.

Most traffic exchanges are also banner exchanges, in that they allow you to upload a banner for your website and then will show the banner on the website while people surf.

Traffic exchanges get you into international turf easier than safelists. Some we've seen display web pages in European or Asian languages which makes me realize that there are probably traffic exchanges in most larger countries and language groups. There could actually be traffic exchanges for specific types of sites, like music websites, much like the way Web Rings operate, but I do not see anyone implementing this idea.

About what you'll see on traffic exchanges: a lot of what you will see are actually scams. Many other pages on traffic exchanges are legitimate free marketing programs. Sometimes, you'll see an artist's website or an authors, or any number of people or associations looking for free marketing that might have charitable, altruistic or educational purposes for their sites.

This is a good page to bookmark or add to your favorites if you want to continue to log in to them. You will be able to get to the join sections now, or login by going back to the home page link by only showing the domain name in the top URL bar of your webbrowser.

Once you have an account, you can come back here to log into several of your accounts. You may have to go back to the login prompt at the home page (the .com page you can find by backspacing up in the URL bar).

These kinds of sites that allow one to add many sites are good for "online philanthropists" -- public educators who don't need money to help other people. See our link here for more information on New Economy from Nineteen New Educational Principles.

Unfortunately, some of what you see on traffic exchanges are other traffic exchanges and get rich quick scams. Try to find out if there is a big audience viewing your websites to buy your products. Traffic exchanges show that an alternative media exists out there which people could be using if they wanted to. I'm not sure why more people are not using traffic exchanges to promote their products.

The Best Manual Surf Traffic Exchanges

I have put the top ten or so below in order roughly from those that give you the most back for your effort. The rest of the sites are not in any order.

Rainforest Clicks -- One of the surfs that gives you the most for referrals. A nice manual surf traffic exchange.
Deep Space Traffic Manual surf -- Has awesome graphics.
Easyhits4u Traffic Manual Surf -- A good and very popular Traffic Exchange.
Click Voyager Manual Surf -- A nice manual surf traffic exchange.
TrendTraxPro Manual Surf -- A huge promo gift of free credits.
Free Traffic Lotto Manual Traffic Exchange
Lord Hits Surf
Adlandpro -- The first online business community, that has a traffic exchange and various other marketing things. Goes back to 1997.
Lord of Traffic Manual Exchange -- They have been a consistant provider of traffic from referrals.
Traffic Pods -- This one shows the creativity of the exchange owner/creator. One of the older manual surf traffic exchanges.
Traffic Heroes Manual surf
Traffic at the Races Manual Surf -- A nice manual surf traffic exchange that gives you little animated horse races every ten sites you surf.
Hungry for Hits -- Gives away a lot of free hits. A good and very popular Traffic Exchange. May have daily login bonus prize or it may only be occasional.
Traffic PI -- Gives away a lot of free hits.
Sakura Traffic Splash
Redman Surf
Traffic Speedway
Traffic Splash
Trafficera -- A well designed site that has been around for over 15 years.
Mysterious Scotland Manual surf
Hot Website Traffic Manual surf -- Emails sent that have 10 credit links. Also at their website.
Big Beach Hits
Postman Hits -- 1000 Free Credits on signup and daily login bonus credits.
Actual Hits 4u -- Gives 1300 hits and other bonuses on sign-up.
Veteran surf -- A site that says it benefits veterans.
Globalhits2u -- Every log in there is a prize offered of free credits. A good manual traffic exchange.
Five Hits Manual and Autosurf
Members Rule Manual Surf -- Every log in there is a prize offered of credits, banners and text ads.
Startxchange -- Has 26,000 members. One of the oldest and most frequented traffic exchanges.
Sea Star Hits
Bootscootin Traffic -- Says Log in Daily for Reward. I got 3 credits last time that can be used various ways. 1 Credit equals ten banner views.
Hits and List Cafe
Free Business Builder -- An ad said "Use Promocode freebusinessbuilder for 100,000 credits"
Premium Traffic Pro -- An ad said "Use Promocode Welcome for 50,000 credits" and I did get credits. They show up as free banners and text links.
TargetProfits -- An ad said "Use Promocode targetprofits for 50,000 credits" and I did get credits. They show up as free banners and text links.

Here are some "SAYINGS FROM "THE BUSINESS GUIDE; OR Safe Methods of Business" BY J. L. NICHOLS, A. M., (Published from 1886 to 1907).


Author/Publisher Robert Scott Pearson has also had a love of old books. He has a favorite book that had a wise saying across the top of every page. There was no collection of these sayings and he realzed he had never seen many of them before. Stay tune to Telical Books Website for your chance to own them all.

Here are a Sample:


















See other link pages on this site for more examples!

About ParaMind Brainstorming Software

ParaMind is a serious yet fun program that operates on the principle of generating new text from your text. It is totally customizable and can be used to logically expand any idea. It comes with a database of 500 related word chains, and you can add as many of your own as you like. You can paste in text from any Windows or Mac program into its editor to logically expand the text in infinite ways.

ParaMind is easy to use. Simply type in your sentence and click on the Merge Wizard and follow a few easy steps. ParaMind was built on the new idea of brainstorming by getting every idea that can be expressed in language by 'meaningfully exhausting the interactions of words' in any given subject area. Unlike other brainstorming programs, you can configure ParaMind to suit your individual needs. ParaMind creates its results not by asking you endless questions about your subject matter, but instead by a unique brainstorming technique.

From Inc. Magazine "ParaMind Brainstorming Program. A great way to brainstorm ideas on almost any topic."

ParaMind Brainstorming Software offers you a quick way to develop ideas without much effort. It's perfect for those tricky situations that frequently cause undue stress or "writer's blocks." ParaMind creates in seconds thousands of idea combinations that are directly related to the idea that you type on to its screen.

"This is a MAJOR piece of software!" Mick D'Aquin-Burglass, MD, MPH, MDiv, ThD, MS, MEE, CAS, CMRO, FAAFP, FASAM Harvard Medical School

From Ziff Davis (Publisher of the largest computer magazines): "Paramind Brainstorming Program: Just the thing for the sole proprietor, this program is an idea multiplier. You enter them and the program replaces words or fills in ideas to help you expand your horizons." ParaMind was given a Four Star Ziff Davis rating.

Visit us on the web by clicking on the links to your left or at bottom.

The Best Auto Surf Traffic Exchanges

Note: A large number of autosurfs have gone down recently in 2021. We no longer suggest using autosurfs except on a Mac or with extreme caution on a PC. Even with a good virus checker, a trojan blocked message will not prevent some trojans from infecting computers.

Autosurfs are great because all you have to do is watch and not click but because of very vile people there are problems associated with them. You should NEVER surf two autosurfs at the same time because then you will not know which one causes your virus checker to throw up a block. Please report all instances of virus checker warnings to the administrator. If they do not fix the problem, they must be in some way a part of the problem.

There is no reason why governmental agencies should allow hijackware and other trojans that cause websites to display to continue. It is obvious that the websites that are being shown are in part responsible for these problems. Even if they throw out dummy sites to hide detection of who is to blame, a good investigation should clearly prove who is the culprit.

These are also listed in their rank as far as best sites for the top fifteen. After that there is no ranking, but all sites are functional, compared to the hundreds of the auto traffic exchanges one can find out there that are essentially inoperable but still let you sign up.

klixion Traffic -- It has the one of the largest number of sites per rotation that we have found so far. A very good manual/auto traffic exchange.
Best Free Traffic Autosurf -- A good Traffic Exchange we have used for over three years.
24sevenhits Auto Hits -- A good Traffic Exchange
Surf Me Auto Hits -- A good Traffic Exchange 1000 free sign-up credits.
Traffic Dynamite Pro Manual and Auto Hits Traffic Exchange -- Gives you both Manual and Auto Hits
Daytona Traffic Autosurf -- A traffic exchange that has been around for a long time.
Te hitz Traffic Autosurf -- This one gives away 1000 Free Hits.
Peak Hour Traffic Autosurf -- A good manual/auto traffic exchange.
Surfing Max Traffic Autosurf -- A good manual/auto traffic exchange.
Realtime Autosurf -- A good manual/auto traffic exchange.
Realtime Autosurf
Worldwide Autosurf

These sites look like they have gone down recently:

The Rocky Mountain Hits -- looks like they have gone down.
Baby Boomer Autosurf and Manual Surf -- looks like they have gone down.
Autosurfpro Traffic Exchange -- Lost information (may mean "censorship").
New York City Traffic Exchange -- looks like they have gone down.
24 Seven Hits Autosurf -- looks like they have gone down.
Jesus Traffic for All -- looks like they have gone down.
Citylights Auto/Manual Hits -- looks like they have gone down.
Itrafficx Traffic Autosurf -- looks like they have gone down.
Sunny Hits Autosurf -- looks like they have gone down.
Squirly Traffic -- Not functional
Surfers2u Roundup -- looks like they have gone down.
Rapid Fire Traffic -- looks like they have gone down.
Zubee Zone -- looks like they have gone down. Not functional
Click Evolution -- Does not have working login prompt.
The Downliner -- Seemed to lose information.
Splash Page Surfer Manual Exchange This family of sites is no longer recommended because of numerous complaints against the owner.
All American Surf Autosurf -- Displays main page then log in goes elsewhere.
True Blue Traffic Autosurf -- looks like they have gone down.
Autosurfzone-- looks like they have gone down.


Yibbida Traffic Exchange -- Has had lots of virus warnings last few times surfed so in bad list now.
Listsurfing Manual Traffic Exchange -- Amazingly low traffic to our sites compared to the effort put in.

Don't forget to bookmark us! (This is often done by pressing the Control key with the D key).

Referral Contests

Referral Contests are held by many different sites. They award various prizes for bringing in the most number of new referrals. Do a search on "referral contest" in your in box to see which ones are currently active.

About Paid-to-Surf Autosurfs and HYIP's

These are the same as autosurfs; you use them to gain exposure for your website, they are not recommended to earn money from. Probably all of the paid autosurfs as we knew them were Ponzi schemes that relied on other Ponzi schemes. There were the administrators who knew they were setting up Ponzi schemes, and the ones who didn't but relied on administrators who they thought were investors. (Actually, a later note added about two years after the fall of the major paid-to-surf autosurfs: there are still many out there just like before, so this information is important. Do not give any of these sites any money).

Needless to say, the HYIP's are all scams. According to Wikipedia: "A high-yield investment program (HYIP) is a type of Ponzi scheme, which is an investment scam that promises an unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by newcomers."

The definition of a paid autosurf is an autosurf that gives you a percentage on an amount of money for every day you surf. Some of these were free, that is, they gave you $10 in a "bank" to start with, and then paid you a percentage for each day you surfed a number of pages. Your websites would also get seen for the number of credits you surfed. But then in time the $10 would disappear because it was only given for 60 days or something like that. They then wanted you to pay them to keep your website going on their site. The fact is, the paid autosurf idea could be a good idea as an advertising incentive only, that is, an incentive to autosurf everyday, not as a get rich quick scheme, which it is clearly portrayed as, nor is it good as any kind of "investing" scheme. If you want to learn about investing, go to our links page below for many links to free online investing audio websites.

Do not give any of these sites any money. There is too much fraud involved with the paid autosurf industry as a whole even if they are allowed to run their sites outside the U.S.A. You can join a few of them for free website exposure. The SEC closed them all down in the U.S. The ones that are still operating are therefore not regulated. Do not believe any of the "Autosurf Watch" websites that supposedly regulate them.

Literally, hundreds of these sites have come and gone over the last two years. We did not lose any significant money by upgrading any accounts -- the accounts were very long duration which means that one could get comissions and additional benfits by paying only $5 or $10 for a year. This model should be followed. If the administrators want to invest to support this, that's fine. But it should all follow the one-level commission model and not the high interest model. Whatever amount of normal affiliate commission the administrator pays can be bettered by their personal investments behind the scenes, but they do not need to run these traffic exchanges as investment clubs.

Free Safelists, Free Traffic Exchanges, Best Free Motivational Audio Online, and Best Free Investment Audio Online.

Each of these following links come with informative instructions.

The Best Free Internet Marketing Websites -- Four years ago we started investigating which "Free Internet Marketing Websites" really gave the user something for free without spamming. These are the ones that did.
The Biggest Legitimate Free Safelists Over eighty-five free safelists giving you the ability to send about 150,000 Spam-free e-mails a week.
Search Engine Ranking, Optimization and Submission Service We have achieved number one Google rankings for our company and other companies we are consultants for. Let us do it for you at an affordable price.
A list of the Best Free Traffic Exchanges Traffic Exchanges are technically described as a system where you see a web page so that someone will also see yours.
Free Motivational MP3's Online page -- The Best Free Internet Business Success Positive Thinking Websites
Free Streaming Audio Online Academic Lectures -- The Best Free Online College, Institutional and Other Websites
The Best Free Stock Market, Futures, and other Investment Audio Online -- Free Tutorials, Lessons, Radio Stations and Web Seminar Websites all linked together.
The Best Free Marketing, Public Relations, and Publishing Podcasts -- MP3s, Real Audio, and other Audio Online -- Free Podcasts, Tutorials, Lessons, Radio Stations and Web Seminar Websites

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ParaMind Legal Links -- Good links to law websites.
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