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New ParaMind for Law and Business

A Listing of the Law and Business Word Categories

By clicking on the underlined categories, you can see their contents.

Absolute rights of individuals
Accidents and personal injury         
Accountant's engagement agreem         
Accounts receivable 1               
Accounts receivable 2              
Accounts receivable 3              
Accounts receivable values         
Affidavit of title                 
Agency and employment              
Agency authority and terminati         
Agreement law                      
Antitrust laws                     
Apartment lease 1 
Apartment lease 2                  
Apartment lease 3                  
Apartment lease 4                  
Appeal proceedings                 
Arbitration 1                      
Arbitration 2                      
Architect agreement 1
Architect agreement 2              
Architect agreement 3              
Architect agreement 4              
Architect agreement 5              
Articles of incorporation 1
Articles of incorporation 2         
Assignment 1                       
Assignment 2                       
Assignment 3                       
Assignment 4                       
Assignment authorization           
Auction sales                      
Banking communications 1
Banking communications 2 
Bankruptcy 1                        
Bankruptcy 2                       
Bankruptcy 3                       
Barter deeds and sales             
Benefit of clergy                  
Bill of sale                       
Breach of collateral contracts 1
Breach of collateral contracts 2        
Breach of sales contracts remedies 1         
Building construction 1            
Building construction 2            
Building contracts                 
Bulk sale                          
Bulk transfer                      
Bureaucratization of prisonsc         
Business organization              
Bylaws of corporation 1            
Bylaws of corporation 2            
Bylaws of corporation 3            
Bylaws of corporation 4            
Bylaws of corporation 5            
Bylaws of corporation 6            
Car legality                       
Checks and bank collections
Close corporations                 
Cognizance of private wrongs 1
Cognizance of private wrongs 2         
Collateral 1                       
Collateral 2                       
Community property                 
Consideration 1                    
Consideration 2                    
Constitution 1                      
Construction loan agreement 1         
Consultant contract                
Consumer protection laws           
Consumer rights                    
Contract and loans 1                
Contract and loans 2               
Contract and loans 3               
Contract and loans 4               
Contract capacity                  
Contract mortgage                  
Contracts 1                        
Contracts 2                        
Corporate liquidations             
Corporate stock                    
Corporation death of stockhold         
Corporation dividends              
Corporation resolutions            
Corporations 1                      
Corporations 2                     
Corporations 3                     
Creation of legal doctrine         
Credit for purchase of goods         
Crimes and intentional torts         
Crimes and punishment              
Criminal capacity                  
Criminal law                       
Declaration of condition           
Deed by Alienation 1               
Deed by Alienation 2               
Default communications 1        
Default communications 2        
Default procedure                  
Defaults 1                          
Defaults 2                         
Delivery of property 1             
Delivery of property 2             
Department of Corrections          
Description of property            
Discharge of parties               
Dispute settlement                 
Dissolution of partnerships 1          
Dissolution of partnerships 2        
Duties of franchise                
Duties of franchise owners         
Duties of principals and agents        
Duty of issuer to register transfer        
Effective date                     
Employee and employer rights 1
Employee and employer rights 2         
Employee benefits                  
Employment agreement 1             
Employment agreement 2             
Employment and consulting          
Employment laws                    
Enforceability of lease contracts 1
Enforceability of lease contracts 2     
Equipment contracts                
Equipment lease 1                  
Equipment lease 2                  
Estates and trusts 1                
Estates and trusts 2               
Exchange of real property          
Family law                         
Form and meaning of contracts         
Form of contracts                          
Formation and operation of partnerships 1         
Formation and operation of partnerships 2         
Formation and termination of contracts 1         
Formation and termination of contracts 2         
Formation of contracts 1           
Formation of contracts 2           
Franchise agreement 1              
Franchise agreement 2              
Franchise agreement 3              
Franchise agreement 4              
Gift to minors                     
Government Benefit Programs
Government Benefits                
Government regulation of business
Guaranty of another's indebted         
Health care                        
House lease 1                      
House lease 2                      
Husband and wife                   
Illegality 1                       
Illegality 2                       
Immigration and naturalization         
Injuries to personal property         
Inspection of personalty           
Instruments and notes              
Invention of employees             
Investment securities              
Issuer issues                      
Jobs and businesses                
Joint venture                      
Judges 1                           
Judges 2                           
Judicial attitudes                 
Judicial policymaking              
Judicial process                   
Landlord and tenant 1
Landlord and tenant 2              
Landlord tenant law                
Laws of England 1                  
Laws of England 2                  
Lease communications 1             
Lease communications 2             
Legal doctrine                     
Legal liability of accountants         
Letter to creditors                
Liability of parties               
Liability of partners              
Liability of principals and agents 1
Liability of principals and agents 2        
Limited partnerships               
Management of corporate business 1
Management of corporate business 2
Marriage divorce and family law         
Mechanical devices 1               
Mechanical devices 2               
Meeting of creditors               
Merchant contract                  
Modes of prosecution               
Money and investments              
Mortgage note                      
Motor vehicles                     
Nature of laws                     
Negligence and strict liability         
Negotiable instruments 1           
Negotiable instruments 2           
Negotiable instruments 3           
Negotiation and holder             
Nonmechanical devices 1            
Nonmechanical devices 2            
Notice of dishonor and protest         
Offenses against habitations         
Offenses against private property         
Offenses against public health         
Offenses against public justice         
Offenses against public peace         
Offenses against public trade         
Offenses against the person         
Office lease                       
Parent and child                   
Patent 1                           
Patent 2                           
Performance and remedies           
Performance of sales contracts 1
Performance of sales contracts 2        
Pleading 1                         
Pleading 2                         
Pledge agreement                   
Product liability                  
Professional corporation           
Promissory notes                   
Publishing agreement 1              
Publishing agreement 2             
Publishing agreement 3             
Publishing agreement 4             
Purposes and powers of corporation
Real property 1                    
Real property 2                    
Reprieve and pardon                
Retiring employee retained as consultant
Rights and freedoms                
Rights of third parties 1          
Rights of third parties 2          
Sale of business 1                 
Sale of business 2                 
Sale of business 3                 
Sale of business 4                 
Sale of business 5                 
Sale of goods 1                    
Sale of goods 2                    
Sale of goods 3                    
Sales of accounts and chattel         
Sales words                        
Secured commercial transaction         
Secured consumer transactions         
Secured transactions               
Separation of powers               
Shareholder functions rights and liabilities 1       
Shareholder functions rights and liabilities 2
Small Claims Court 1                
Small Claims Court 2               
State government                   
Termination of franchisor          
Title by testament and administrator
Title risk and terms sales con         
Title to collateral immaterial         
Transfer 1                          
Transfer 2                         
Trial and conviction               
Trial by jury 1                    
Trial by jury 2                    
Voluntary consent                  
Warehouse 1                        
Warehouse 2                        
Warehouse 3                        
Wills trusts and probate           
Wrongs and their remedies          

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