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Do You Like Linguistics? A Compact list of the Best Linguistic Web Sites.

Here is ParaMind Brainstorming Software's List of Linguistic Web Sites.

Many of these may contain unique resources so be sure to bookmark this page and check them all.

Linguistic Resources on the Internet. A topically organized list of resources elsewhere on the Internet that may be of interest to the linguist.
Blackwell Linguistics Resource Center. This site can help steer you toward the information the user is after more quickly.
Linguistics Department Home Page at the University of Rochester. A simple interface but hides much valuable information.
"iLove Languages." Well-organized site of sixty-eight resources and four additional sub-categories..
Linguistics, Natural Language, and Computational Linguistics Meta-index. Stanford University's Linguistic Resource Guide.
WordNet.English nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are organized into synonym sets, each representing one underlying lexical concept. A very interest site for ParaMind Brainstorming Software user's.
Corpora and Corpus-based Computational Linguistics. A large selection of text is called a Corpora -- with ParaMind you can make your own easily and quickly.

Department of Applied Linguistics. Portland State University's Linguistics list which contains a link to "Linguistic Funland."

If you are a linguist, or just like linguistics, you should consider using the ParaMind Brainstorming Program to explore language in a personalized way.

ParaMind was built on the new experimental linguistic idea of brainstorming by getting every idea that can be expressed in language by "meaningfully exhausting the interactions of words" in any given subject area. It comes with a database of 500 related word chains, and you can add as many of your own as you like. You can purchase additional Word Category packs, such as three-hundred for Law and Business, and a soon to be released version for Science. You can paste in text from any Windows or Mac program into its editor to logically expand the text in infinite ways by using linguistically sound principles.

ParaMind is a great way to quickly develop linguistic examples such as Copora because it can quickly generate several megabytes of linguistic information in a few minutes. It does this by special copy-merge routines.

ParaMind can be used by scientists at any level because anything can be typed onto the editor. The word categories can contain anything as well. Symbol, word, phrase, or number; anything that can be typed can be stored and re-used. ParaMind thus becomes a very easy to use spreadsheet for ideas.

ParaMind uses an easily customizable database consisting of 22 items per word category There can be anything in these word categories: symbol, word, phrase, number or expression. You can add your old existing databases to this database since our database is created using only verticle bars seperating each text field. ParaMind has a very easy to use Merge Wizard that incorporates all its features into one framework.

The ParaMind Professional has several different merge algorithms it uses to interact any problem that you type or enter into its screen. The result is a text file which can easily go over one meg in size with your topics interacted with your data in interesting ways.

It is impossible or at least extremely time consuming and costly to try to do this ParaMind merging work with a database or word processing system. ParaMind is sleek and attractive and offers these merging functions and category search functions as well as the "Find Word to Substitute "parsing routine" which looks at your problem sentence in light of the existing database.

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