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New ParaMind Brainstorming Software for Linux -- Creative Software in Wiritng for Linux

Finally -- Brainstorming Software for Linux!

ParaMind Brainstorming Software for Linux offers you an instant way to generate new ideas. While other types of creativity or creative thinking software often require a steep learning curve, or are merely sophisticated flow charts, ParaMind for Linux is easy to use. Some brainstorming programs give you a list of questions that you have to answer, making you do all the work, or give you synonyms or common associations like a thesaurus. Many of the expensive brainstorming programs are simply combinations of all these ideas in one program.

The ParaMind brainstorming program for Linux was built on the new idea of brainstorming by getting every idea that can be expressed in language by "meaningfully exhausting the interactions of words" in any given subject area.

ParaMind Brainstorming Software for Linux is the first of the creative writing writing programs for the computer that goes beyond random word jumbling, flow-charting, or asking the user questions relating to their subject. By "generative" it is meant a program that produces new ideas from your idea, not a program that gives popular associations like a thesaurus or probes you with endless questions. ParaMind Brainstorming Software for Linux is the result of long investigation into how to create ideas by computer-human interaction, and ideas in its theory can be shown going back hundreds of years in philosophy.

The largest problem encountered is to get the computer to understand the complexity of word relationships. Failure in this area produces output that isn't grammatically correct, and if it is, the words are not in semantic context with each other, so they don't make sense anyway. Further study of word relationships in language usually doesn't produce interesting software for anyone but a few universities, and these programs have nothing to do with brainstorming. Also, anyone with recent experience using Microsoft Word can see how inaccurate and annoying such features can be, when the program tries to capitalize letters not meant to be capitalized and points out "grammar errors" that aren't errors at all.

The new ParaMind for Linux has automated features previously only found in the ParaMind Professional version. When you select "Automatic," ParaMind will automatically find Word Categories that contain your selected word and will then give you the option of only selecting the "Ok" key to produce automatic merges. ParaMind for Linux Version 1.0 comes with 650 General Word Categories.

ParaMind Brainstorming Software for Linux is now only $49.95.

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