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New ParaMind Upgrades

Anyone who uses ParaMind 3.0 and greater (including ParaMind Lite 3.0) can now greatly improve their brainstorming experience with these products. Scientists working in advanced fields can get fresh new insight on any idea because our products are totally configurable. Anything -- words, symbols, or phrases -- can be typed on the ParaMind screen. Also, the user can create their own "segments of thought" (we call these "Word Categories") to use again and again in their brainstorming sessions. We have taken the work out of this by creating over 1100 Word Categories to brainstorm with using your own sentences, but you can create as many of your own Word Categories as you want.

These new "segments of thought" or Word Category add-on packs allow your program to operate more efficiently by automating the brainstorming process. Where competing products charge as much as $300 for different versions, ParaMind offers you their add-ons for $19.95 each. You will benefit from these cost-effective solutions that will enhance the product. These enhancements fit needs for solving difficult problem from business to scientific brainstorming.

Here are the words General Word Category upgrade:

Adverbs for augment
Adverbs for body ways
Adverbs for certainty
Adverbs for change
Adverbs for clarity
Adverbs for common sense
Adverbs for communication
Adverbs for conformity
Adverbs for darkness
Adverbs for discreet
Adverbs for disposed
Adverbs for emotion
Adverbs for enduring
Adverbs for favorable
Adverbs for helpful
Adverbs for humility
Adverbs for logic
Adverbs for matter
Adverbs for motion
Adverbs for nice
Adverbs for number
Adverbs for odor
Adverbs for pleasure
Adverbs for pliant
Adverbs for quantity
Adverbs for science
Adverbs for sensation
Adverbs for sequence
Adverbs for shelter
Adverbs for size
Adverbs for stability
Categories for root numerals
Categories for root prefixes 1
Categories for root prefixes 2
Categories for root prefixes 3
Categories for root quality 1
Categories for root quality 2
Categories for root quantity and placement
Categories for root size and shape
Category for root colors 1
Category for root colors 2
Nouns for addiction
Nouns for alternative medicine 1
Nouns for alternative medicine 2
Nouns for amusement parks
Nouns for anatomy
Nouns for antiques and collections 1
Nouns for antiques and collections 2
Nouns for antiques and collections 3
Nouns for art styles
Nouns for automotive 1
Nouns for automotive 2
Nouns for British cars
Nouns for critical theory
Nouns for culture groups 1
Nouns for culture groups 2
Nouns for death and dying
Nouns for ecology
Nouns for economics
Nouns for education
Nouns for entertainment
Nouns for faiths
Nouns for finance
Nouns for jokes
Nouns for law enforcement
Nouns for linguistics
Nouns for literary periods
Nouns for literature
Nouns for major Star Trek characters
Nouns for mathematics
Nouns for mental health
Nouns for performing arts
Nouns for philosophy 1
Nouns for philosophy 2
Nouns for spacecraft structures
Nouns for spacecraft systems
Nouns for types of psychology
Nouns for water bodies
Nouns with high information
Verbs for acquisition
Verbs for causation
Verbs for communication
Verbs for description
Verbs for observation
Verbs for representation
Verbs for utilization
Verbs pasttense for acrobatic 1
Verbs pasttense for acrobatic 2
Verbs pasttense for age
Verbs pasttense for aloft
Verbs pasttense for amount
Verbs pasttense for augment 1
Verbs pasttense for augment 2
Verbs pasttense for change
Verbs pasttense for cognition
Verbs pasttense for contrast
Verbs pasttense for cook
Verbs pasttense for decrease
Verbs pasttense for delay
Verbs pasttense for delay
Verbs pasttense for discontin
Verbs pasttense for disputes
Verbs pasttense for endure
Verbs pasttense for exist
Verbs pasttense for explore
Verbs pasttense for fluid
Verbs pasttense for help
Verbs pasttense for increase
Verbs pasttense for limitation
Verbs pasttense for mend
Verbs pasttense for mix
Verbs pasttense for motion
Verbs pasttense for motivate
Verbs pasttense for move 1
Verbs pasttense for move 2
Verbs pasttense for multiple
Verbs pasttense for none
Verbs pasttense for number
Verbs pasttense for order
Verbs pasttense for preserve
Verbs pasttense for property
Verbs pasttense for pulsate
Verbs pasttense for relation
Verbs pasttense for repair
Verbs pasttense for shape
Verbs pasttense for size
Verbs pasttense for solidify
Verbs pasttense for space
Verbs pasttense for stability
Verbs pasttense for starting
Verbs pasttense for stimulate 1
Verbs pasttense for stimulate 2
Verbs pasttense for strong
Verbs pasttense for support
Verbs pasttense for teem
Verbs pasttense for tendency
Verbs pasttense for time
Verbs pasttense for transmute
Verbs pasttense for urge
Verbs pasttense for vary

The following categories are especially interesting:

Categories for root numerals
Categories for root prefixes 1
and so on.

They contain Latin and Greek "roots."  Here are some examples:

Categories for root numerals: semi- hemi- uni- myri- di- duo- tri- tetra- quadri- penta- hexa- sex- septem- octo- ennea- novem- deca- decem- hecatonta- centi- milli-

Categories for root size and shape: mega- megalo- magni- grandi- micro- parvi- macro- longi- brachy- brevi- eury- platy- lati- steno- angusti- cyclo- gyro- circuli- quadrati- pachy- pycno- steato-

Category for root colors 1: coccino- erythto- rhodo- eo- purpureo- rubri- rufi- rutuli- rossi- roseo- flammeo- chryso- cirrho- aureo- flavo- fulvi- xantho- ochreo- fusci-

An interesting way to learn one's Latin and Greek is to combine these categories together and look up the meanings of the new combinations you discover.

We have priced this new Word Category set at only $19.95.

The standard general purpose brainstorming version of ParaMind comes with 500 Word Categories. ParaMind also has a special database for Law and Business of 300 Word Categories. Registered users also get a free upgrade pack with 47 Word Categories. With all the databases, ParaMind now has 1147 Word Categories for brainstorming.

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