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New Scientific Brainstorming Software for Inventors or Anyone -- Windows, Mac and Linux

We have just released the world's first scientific brainstorming software program in the form of our Scientific Word Category database. This scientific version comes in the form of a 100 Word Category database that any user of ParaMind 3.0 or above can use. Each one of the 100 Word Categories contains up to twenty-two words of scientific terminology.

The program replaces words in the user's sentence, which contains his or her idea or problem, with the new word categories making totally unique and interesting new combinations.

Anyone who uses ParaMind 3.0 and greater (including ParaMind Lite 3.0) can now greatly improve their brainstorming experience with these products. Scientists working in advanced fields can get fresh new insight on any idea because our products are totally configurable. Anything -- word, symbol, or phrase -- can be typed on the ParaMind screen. Also, the user can create their own "segments of thought" (we call these "Word Categories") to use again and again in their brainstorming sessions. We have taken the work out of this by creating over 1100 Word Categories to use to brainstorm with your sentences. This makes ParaMind totally configurable.

These new "segments of thought" or Word Category add-on packs allow your program to operate more efficiently by automating the brainstorming process. Where competing products charge as much as $300 for different versions, ParaMind offers you their add-ons for $19.95 each.

Here is a list of the Word Categories in our new Scientific Database Number One. Each one of these contains to 22 words each. See below for some examples.

Nouns for adaptive electronic filters
Nouns for adaptive structures
Nouns for agent science
Nouns for analogdigital
Nouns for analysis of vibration
Nouns for antenna theory
Nouns for antennas and propagation
Nouns for applied mechanics
Nouns for artificial intelligence
Nouns for bearing and lubrication
Nouns for biology 1
Nouns for biology 2
Nouns for calculus 1
Nouns for calculus 2
Nouns for calculus 3
Nouns for capacitive sensors
Nouns for circuit analysis
Nouns for circuit theory
Nouns for circuits and systems
Nouns for CMOS
Nouns for color imaging
Nouns for communications system algorithms
Nouns for computational intelligence
Nouns for computer vision
Nouns for control systems 1
Nouns for control systems 2
Nouns for cryptology
Nouns for design of experiments
Nouns for digital broadcasting
Nouns for digital communication
Nouns for digital recording
Nouns for digital speech
Nouns for digital video
Nouns for diseases 1
Nouns for diseases 2
Nouns for distributions
Nouns for electric circuit analysis
Nouns for electromagnetics
Nouns for electronic theory
Nouns for emission monitoring
Nouns for environmental scienc
Nouns for fluid dynamics 1
Nouns for fluid dynamics 2
Nouns for fluid dynamics 3
Nouns for frequency synthesis
Nouns for fuel cells
Nouns for genetic algorithms
Nouns for hydrology
Nouns for industrial manufacturing 1
Nouns for industrial manufacturing 2
Nouns for intelligence and methods
Nouns for internet modulation
Nouns for lasers 1
Nouns for lasers 2
Nouns for linear circuits
Nouns for manufacturing science
Nouns for measurement
Nouns for measurements of fluid flow
Nouns for mechanical measurement
Nouns for medicine 1
Nouns for medicine 2
Nouns for medicine 3
Nouns for meteorology
Nouns for microstrip circuits
Nouns for microwave engineering
Nouns for noise control
Nouns for noise
Nouns for oceanography
Nouns for quasioptical arrays
Nouns for radio science
Nouns for radiowave propagation
Nouns for robotic systems
Nouns for science department jobs
Nouns for semiconductors 1
Nouns for semiconductors 2
Nouns for semiconductors 3
Nouns for simulation
Nouns for solid mechanics
Nouns for space propulsion systems
Nouns for speech signal coding
Nouns for stability
Nouns for statistics and probability
Nouns for stress and failure
Nouns for stress mechanics
Nouns for structural dynamics
Nouns for temperature
Nouns for vector and dyadic analysis
Nouns for wave propagation 1
Nouns for wave propagation 2
Nouns for wireless transceivers
Verbs for adaptive filters
Verbs for analysis of vibration
Verbs for cryptology
Verbs for imaging
Verbs for manufacturing science
Verbs for science 1
Verbs for science 2
Verbs for science pasttense 1
Verbs for science pasttense 2
Verbs for wave propagation

Here are examples of the content of some of the new Scientific Word Categories:

Nouns for artifical intelligence: abduction|temporal|casual reasoning|belief revision|nonmonotonic reasoning|case-based reasoning|intelligent user interfaces|knowledge representaton|logic programming| theorem proving|machine learning|knowledge acquisition|spatial reasoning|multi-agent systems|natural language processing|reasoning about actions|reasoning with uncertainty|visual processing|constraint-based reasoning|constraint programming|genetic algorithms|neural networks|

Nouns for lasers 1: microwave|circuit design|active devices|passive devices|transmission lines|lumped elements|resonators|impedance-matching networks|hybrid|couplers|filters|multiplexers| oscillators|amplifiers|detectors|mixers|microwave control circuits|frequency multipliers| dividers|transmission|

Verbs for manufacturing science: processing|brazing|soldering|bonding|deforming|adhering| cleaning|coating|cutting|tooling|designing|machining|assembling|packaging|casting|forming|welding| glassworking|

These science categories can be especially fun or even profitable when merged with the Word Category upgrade for Law and Business.

The standard general purpose brainstorming version of ParaMind comes with 500 Word Categories, except the more recent versions for Mac OSX and Linux which contain 650. There is also the new 150 Word Category upgrade for ParaMind for Windows. ParaMind also has a special database for Law and Business of 300 Word Categories. Registered users also get a free upgrade pack with 47 Word Categories. With all these databases now ParaMind has 1147 Word Categories to brainstorm with. That's a lot of new ideas!

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