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ParaMind Brainstorming Software Screen Shots

ParaMind is a modern program, complete with tips, help files, and a large manual.

You simply type your sentence in (or paste it from your word processer, e-mail, web browser or other program).
You then select the Merge Wizard which automates the menu choices for you.

You then pick one or more words in your sentence that you want to expand your ideas on.

ParaMind then comes up with a list of 500 word categories (800 with the version for Law/Business), that have up to 22 words each, which you pick to merge your sentence. In Replace by Category mode, ParaMind will automatically suggest Word Categories that fit in with your sentence. That's all there is to it. ParaMind is now ready to quickly merge your sentence, and output your results. Depending on which mode you selected, Simple or Complex, you can have over 100 pages of text on your sentence, single spaced!

You can save the results and come back to them for future use.

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