ParaMind is a unique brainstorming program that generates new text from your text. It is totally configurable and can be used to logically expand any idea. The registered version comes with a database of 500 related word chains, and you can add as many of your own as you like. You can paste in text from any Windows or Mac program, such as word processors or web browsers, into its editor to logically expand the text in infinite ways.

In about a minutes key clicks one sentence or paragraph is turned into up to hundreds of pages of related sentences. It's a great visualization tool of how the extremely intelligent person thinks.

ParaMind uses copying and merging of your text with new words. The new words are all related, such as adjectives related to sight, or adverbs related to walking, and you can select several of these Word Categories in one merge. ParaMind can even select the best suited ones for you. In the text that you type or paste in, a word or two is selected that these new words fit into. The result is a new listing of your idea changed in any way you want.

Expand Your Ideas
Generate New Ideas Instantly
ParaMind Is An Idea Processor
A Program That Grows With You

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