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Since ParaMind started in 1992, we have received much positive user feedback.

ParaMind is exactly the program many people have been looking for to make brainstorming both easy and extraordinary.

From Inc. Magazine "ParaMind Brainstorming Program. A great way to brainstorm ideas on almost any topic."

From Ziff Davis (Publisher of the largest computer magazines): "Paramind Brainstorming Program: Just the thing for the sole proprietor, this program is an idea multiplier. You enter them and the program replaces words or fills in ideas to help you expand your horizons."

ParaMind was mentioned in the book, "The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence," by Ray Kurzweil.

Paramind was also noted in the book "Creative Problem Solving for Managers: Developing Skills for Decision Making And Innovation," by Tony Proctor, and in the book, "Ideate with June A Valladares" by June A Valladares

It was also mentioned in "Root Cause Analysis: Simplified Tools and Techniques," Second Edition by Bjorn Andersen, Tom Fagerhaug

ParaMind is also mentioned in "Guide to Writing Empirical Papers, Theses, and Dissertations" by G. David Garson. This book states:
"ParaMind is another type of brainstorming software. It works by generating new text from your writing, thereby expanding on any idea based on one of hundreds of built-in related word chains, to which the writer can add. As such, it goes beyond common "writer's helper" software that may ask the writer questions related to his or her subject, flow charting that writer's concepts or generating random word combinations that provide idea variations typed in by the author. In ParaMind, a single sentence or paragraph can be expanded and permuted into up to 100 pages of related statements. In simple "merge" mode, ParaMind operates as a sort of thesaurus, suggesting substitutes for words the writer highlights in text. However, in "large merge" mode, many pages of new, reworded relationships are generated, providing feedback on hundreds of new relationships and associations relevant to the concepts contained in the author's original text."

"A truly GREAT program!" -- Don Davis

"This is a MAJOR piece of software!"
Mick D'Aquin-Burglass
Harvard Medical School

I've been a fan of this software for years.

I use it in two businesses. One is my small business ad agency. This works as a great idea generator.
The second is a use you may not have come across. I'm also a professional magician. I use Paramind to give me new ideas for magic tricks and more importantly for the presentations for effects I create.
I hadn't used your software in a while and I was searching for it.
I searched the area of brainstorming and came up with almost exclusively mindmapping programs. I've used those but they tend to only work off what I'm already thinking. Yours creates some random new concepts that seem to spark creative ideas for me.
I wish your program came up better in the search engine results. It deserves wider recognition.
I found my older version on an old computer and was disappointed it wouldn't work on my current computers. I'll look forward to using the new version.
I just paid for the professional upgrade via Paypal.

Best always,
Rick Anderson

Highly effective tools are a necessity for anyone who must create, communicate, convince, solve problems or expand any idea, enterprise or project, and in my experience ParaMind Brainstorming Software ranks at the very top of the list of such tools.

I became acquainted with ParaMind's innovative brainstorming software programs as an Account Development Manager at Digital River. I was immediately struck by the usefulness of the program, especially for creating powerful written communications. ParaMind Brainstorming Software is a high-quality tool for professionals that is affordable and easy enough to use for amateurs as well.

I was equally impressed with the company behind the software. ParaMind has been around since 1992 and is a model of stability for the small company. Their success seems to stem from their commitment to bringing real value to their customers as much as from the fact that they were the first brainstorming software available for Windows and have remained at the leading edge of innovation.

I recommend ParaMind Brainstorming Software for anyone who wants to communicate in a compelling manner.

James E. Notto
Author and Business Consultant

"All word merchants need this useful tool."
Charles L. Guatney, Professor Emeritus
Central Washington University
Ellensburg, Washington

ParaMind lets you take an idea and expand it into multiple related new ideas. You give it a single input and suddenly you are given responses that trigger your creativity. It is a powerful and elegant way to brainstorm concepts and solutions.
Dr. Evan Stark, Ph.D., President. Message Science, Inc.
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology, The United Nations
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology, John Jay College, CUNY
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology, Pace University

"Paramind is a trusted workhorse, friendly sidekick and a powerful verbal tool. I've used it to "unpack" ideas into their comprising components by, for example, using a keyword and follow certain "threads", as it were. Example -- "relationship is based on mutual trust" turned - after some *massive* selection - five or six stunners!"

"I have also used Paramind to form "neural threads" - a line, or stream, of ideas that are seemingly unconnected, yet prove to be able to open some mental block. Example -- I've done some work on the use of DNA testing - and using PM I came up with a whole range of ideas related to DNA - such as hereditary problems, historical "urban legends" and much more!"

"I'm a content editor and 'creative contentsmith' on Africa's largest Content Hub (come see us - We have over 10 million access per month."
"We serve content in units of information (for example - a news item) and these units form a single content thread within "neural" contextual networks. PM is great for this purpose because it unpacks sentences so that each word can be replaces with another word that's semantically equal to it on a vertical level. It helps with the process of brainstorming all creative / lateral choices involved in the kind of work I do."
Rudy Nadler-Nir

"ParaMind is an extremely unique program. I write as a hobby, and when I get writer's block or can't think of a topic, I just fire up ParaMind, type whatever I'm thinking, and expand it. A great creativity booster with a neat interface. It was definitely worth my registration."
Don J. -- from Softseek Website

"As a graduate student of the Department of Educational Technology and Research at Florida Atlantic University, I am interested in your brainstorming product for a project I am working on. ParaMind has an interesting/powerful philosophy for creative solutions. I look forward to learning more about the possibilities behind the software."
Rena L. Hafer
Graduate Assistant
Florida Atlantic University
Department of Educational Technology and Research

I am a researcher/artist from Brazil. My work is strictly academic. I am very interested in ParaMind, as a process, as a linguistic theory.
Artur Matuck
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

I have long admired your software. It is ingenious! Jan Justesen

"Now ParaMind is appearing. It's a new type of genetic engineering but of sentences. The Charm of "ParaMind" appears because it gives soul to the computer. We get a strong feeling that the computer is no longer a machine because the written screens are never the same. By choosing words which describe feelings or beauties of nature, the sensations I've been speaking about increase."
"The exhaustion of contexts producing the reciprocal influences between meanings of words which is discovered by the exhaustion of the interaction of words. To give ideas by increasing the level of intelligence with conscience."
"ParaMind and its techniques are against the decrease of the level of intelligence."
Tonio Ferener, Physics Instructor, Romania

"I am looking forward to really starting to use Paramind more. The manual is very helpful and I'm enjoying reading about the philosophy behind ParaMind."
Larry Kahn
Peter Burwash International

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