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ParaMind Brainstorming Software for Mac
Idea Creation Technology for Mac Enthusiasts

The new ParaMind Brainstorming version 3.0 for Mac is the most serious brainstorming program to be released on the Mac platform. It comes with 50 new Word Categories, longer file name capacity, and the capability to utilize up to 1250 Word Categories. With ParaMind for Mac 3.0, you can also use special ParaMind Word Category databases, the first of which is the ParaMind Legal/Business add-on database.

These major new features of ParaMind for Mac Version 3.0 mean more brainstorming power to work out any topic. New larger Word Category database capabilities means ParaMind can automatically search with much more power for areas that your sentence can expand into without the limitations of previous versions. The entire 500 Word Category database has been enlarged not just by 50 new categories, but over 60 percent of the older 450 Word Categories have been enlarged.

Also just released is ParaMind Brainstorming Software Lite for Mac. With it you can do still do merges, have access to 500 Word Categories, and use custom-built Word Databases such as the legal/business database and the scientific database. The main difference is that the outputs are not as large as they are on standard ParaMind 3.0 or ParaMind for Mac OSX.

ParaMind Brainstorming has always supported the Mac platform since we created our first Mac versions in the Mid-1990's.

Both these programs work with all Mac operating systems and are not limited to Mac OSX. They will work in "Classic Mode" in OSX, or you can order our new ParaMind for Mac OSX.

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