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ParaMind Brainstorming Software releasing Advanced "Professional" Brainstorming Software Program.


ParaMind Brainstorming Software of Seattle, Washington announces the release of their first totally-automated brainstorming program. The program works like the old proverbial computer program in science fiction movies in which the film's star asks a question to the computer, and then gets told or handed back a printed-out answer. The software's text results are an interesting exploration into uncharted territory.

In older versions of the popular brainstorming program, the user would have make a few mouse clicks to get back computer-generated text based on their sentence. In the new version, all the user has to do is type in a sentence and press one button and the computer feeds back hundreds of interesting ideas based on their sentence.

ParaMind has been selling a unique software program that helps people use the power of the computer to develop ideas. Technical specialists and research institutes use the program because it is completely customizable and can be used to brainstorm on any topic. Its ease of use and application to any area give it a mainstream appeal.

The cost of the ParaMind Brainstorming Professional version is $99.95.

Visit ParaMind Brainstorming Software on the World Wide Web at

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