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ParaMind Brainstorming Software and Scientific Research

ParaMind Brainstorming Software and Scientific Research

Several algorithms inside ParaMind make it the first of its kind to take idea generators outside of random word generators or simple flowchart programs. The amount of promise contained in ParaMind once expertise is gained make it a class different than all existing idea generators on the market.

ParaMind can be used by scientists at any level because anything can be typed onto the editor. The word categories can contain anything as well. Symbol, word, phrase, or number; anything that can be typed can be stored and re-used. ParaMind thus becomes a very easy to use spreadsheet for ideas.

ParaMind's database is set up in a way that can use any pre-existing database that has a text-based format. One only has to do simple modifications of database files.

With the Replace by Category function, ParaMind puts the brainstorming promises of expensive expert systems into the hands of the user without any training in neural networks, back propagation or any of the other complexities of artificial intelligence. ParaMind lets you focus on real problems immediately. The expert system and neural networking products at the present time are expensive and obtuse and not geared for quick improvisations of the researcher's mind. ParaMind is a versatile program and produces quick, effective results. Researchers easily see the results of thousands of new logical directions in a matter of a few minutes.

Any problem or idea that you have in any criteria can be entered in and simply expanded. To expand your idea in custom ways, it is as simple as typing in or reformatting your lists of words. You can then use them over and over again in the future.

ParaMind is the program behind a new idea in science called "Meaningful Word Interaction Exhaustion," which had its birth in 1985 and from which the ParaMind program grew. It is an idea that can be also traced in philosophy over the last several hundred years.

Ancient philosophers such as Plato stated that all future ideas and knowledge are present with us today. It is only a matter of rearranging our past knowledge in order to get at these ideas. We take most of our words from Latin and Greek roots, among the words of other ancient cultures. Thus, the ideas of the future already lie dormant in our words.

With the program of ParaMind, scientists can now more easily start to seriously experiment with thinking outside the speed of their mind. Since it can be shown that future ideas are present in our language, it could be said that by intelligent manipulation of our language, we will be able to find these new ideas.

ParaMind uses an easily customizable database consisting of 22 items per Word Category. There can be anything in these Word Categories: symbol, word, phrase, number or expression. You can add your old existing databases to this database since our database is created using only vertical bars separating each text field.

ParaMind has a very easy to use Merge Wizard that incorporates all its features into one framework.

ParaMind has different merge algorithms it uses to interact with any problem that you type or enter into its screen. The result is an interesting text file, which can easily grow over one megabyte in size with your topics interacted with either your data or pre-existing Word Categories.

It is impossible or at least extremely time consuming and costly to try to do this ParaMind merging work with a database or word processing system. ParaMind is sleek and attractive and offers these merging functions and category search functions as well as the "Find Word to Substitute "parsing routine" which looks at your problem sentence in light of the existing database. It also offers the only non-contiguous copy and paste that we know of on the market as an additional program. PMSelect lets you highlight several non-adjacent texts and copy them to another document in one copy-paste command. ParaMind has as an Append function also on its editor's Edit menu.

In addition, compared to many research software products on the market, our $39.95 Standard Version price tag is a real incentive.

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